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Last Updated: January 7, 2015

Tacenda: [1] [2] [3]
This is a story about things that should not be said.

gimme dat ol' time religion
[JB/JR] ~5,000
Some princesses are not helpless. Those princesses know how to have fun.

Dream Sequence (the Say Something remix)
[Chansung/Wooyoung] 1,967
Daring to hope is one of the scariest things Chansung has ever done.

[Junho-centric, Chansung/Wooyoung] 560
The realization almost literally knocks Junho off his feet.

Into, Not At
[Jinwoon-centric] 1,506
There's more to Jinwoon than meets his own eyes and he doesn't know why.

Here They Be Giants
[Nichkhun-centric, OT7, Jinwoon cameo] 17,199
Before they were 2PM, they were kids playing giants in their heads.

L'important, C'est la Rose (the Tattooed remix)
[Jinwoon, Changmin, Chansung, Taecyeon] 7,707
It's funny what happens when people's choices catch up to them.

Seoul Academy: Aftermaths
[Jun.K, Junho/Chansung] 9,178
It's five years in the making but Junsu has to learn that the elegance of his math and the core of his drama stands no chance in the real world. Sometimes, the hero of the story arrives too late.

Foxfire Glow
[Junho, Nichkhun, Wooyoung] 7,046
In a city where light itself became a commodity, Junho learns how brightly he can shine so he can find his friends and they can go home. But darkness does not always send its minions to do its bidding. As much as goodness can shine from each heart, so can the dark plant its seeds tendril by tendril. Junho learns that a shadow is cast for every ray light, every life saved comes with a price.

The Day You Said Goodnight
[Jinwoon/Chansung, Seulong] 10,141
There is such a thing as commitment so devoted that it takes over your whole life and you can't figure out when it started. It's an all-or-nothing kind of game where everyone wins or everyone loses and the die is rigged and what are you gonna do?

Top of the World
[broken Junho/Nichkhun] 10,642
This is not a story about breaking up. This is a story about what must happen after.

Out of Sight, Into Mind
[gen] 1,930
Somewhere along the way there must be trust in each other, in their skills and their decisions, trust that they would do the right things.

[Chansung/Wooyoung] 1,946
By now, you should have somehow realized what you're not to do

[Nichkhun, Taecyeon x Jay]
"Are you really, absolutely sure about this?" Nichkhun asked with more than a little worry in his voice.

[Nichkhun x Wooyoung]
Fittingly enough, it all began with their first kiss.

[Taecyeon, Junho]
And right on cue, someone wants to talk to him just as he was about to fall asleep.

Falling Two Hundred Feet is Easy
[Taecyeon x Nichkhun]
What if I told you that I made a very big mistake?

This is the Way I See It
[Nichkhun x Junho]
Their parting of ways, much like their relationship, could be likened to a storm.

untitled follow-up to This is the Way I See It
[Taecyeon, Junsu, Wooyoung]
"I can't really say it was unexpected," Taec tells Junsu over tea. Not that they need the caffeine to keep them awake. Not that they still need to be awake.

2AM song shuffle challenge
[Jinwoon, Changmin, Jokwon, Seulong, Chansung cameo]
9 drabble-length snippets about life in the 2AM dorm.

Fast Forward
[Nichkhun x Wooyoung]
Their break-up, much like their relationship, was as clean and subtle as could be.

home is where the heart is (the River Flows In You remix)
[Hoya/Sunggyu, Woohyun/Sunggyu] 19,420
Memories and soulmates have funny ways of sneaking up on someone. This is a story of how Howon looks backward to the beginning, while Woohyun looks forward to fresh starts.

The Seventh Guest
[Sunggyu(/Woohyun)] 23,636
They are Infinite, because Sunggyu is there and Sunggyu will protect them in any way he can, and that makes them his Infinite no matter who they are, no matter what. (A story of leadership and responsibility set against a backdrop of magic and fantasy. Starring Infinite and fairies and a very frustrated Sunggyu.)

CN Blue
Loner (the Like a Child remix)
[Minhyuk-centric] 2,362
Wondering what if? is like screaming into the void. You never know who might be listening.

Of Secret Smiles and Insomniacs
[Changmin-centric] 6,043
YunHo comes home with a smile on his face and refuses to tell the story behind it.

Kitchen Duty
[OT5] 1,828
It’s a crazy world where five twenty-something year-olds can keep a restaurant running.

The Night Before Everything Went to Hell
[YunHo, JaeJoong] 1,000
There was, always, a calm before the storm.

Daybreak (the Time of Our Lives remix)
[Yunho/Changmin] ~4,600
There's no point, Changmin thinks, in getting to know someone in the middle of a war.

Seventh High
[Yunho, Junsu] 9,524
But tonight, the world needed an idol. And they don't come any better than U-know Yunho.

Knife, Twig, and String
[Junhyung, Hyunseung, Yoseob] 7,176
On a magical night like the equinox, no rules govern men and gods.

Two for Four (the Adrienne remix)
[Yoseob, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Kikwang] ~1,200
It's a perverse form of entropy. Two of them found happiness, four of them tore each other apart.

a matter of choice (the Beloved remix)
[Jonghyun/Key] 2,300
Jonghyun is a lot more anxious about the future than his bandmates give him credit for.

MinHo has always been quiet. Everyone's gotten used to it. They learn that people can get used to a lot of things, and some of them ain't good. Shadows lurk even in the kindest human's heart.

Super Junior
Never Have I Been This Overt Before (The Playdoh Remix)
[Soft NC-17] [Henry/KiBum] 3,323
KiBum teaches Henry how to make use of sexual energy for productive purposes.

Monsters in Your Head (the Out of Focus remix)
[KyuHyun/Zhou Mi, RyeoWook] 1,810
There are proper ways to interrupt KyuHyun's very rich gaming life.


Survivability: Parasite Dimensions
[KPop characters] [Bleach universe]

01: Survivability
[ChangMin, JaeJoong] 1,416
Sometimes, a lieutenant's job is just to survive.

02: Survivability
[KiBum, ChangMin, SungMin] 2,011
KiBum consults ChangMin for a possible innovation, but one thing leads to another and SungMin has to step in.

03: Stages of Healing
[EunHyuk, RyeoWook, JunSu, DaeSung] 15,535
EunHyuk and RyeoWook are a couple of 4th Division trainees when they get roped into something way beyond their depth.

04: The Dragon Fruit Festival:
[RyeoWook, EunHyuk, YunHo, MinHo, JunSu, DaeSung, DongHae, HaeJin] 10,132
RyeoWook gets a weekend off and decides to visit home just in time for the Dragon Fruit Festival. As fate would have it, YunHo and DaeSung are in need of help to recruit MinHo into their ranks. Between them, the Festival works its magic.

05: Momentum
[DongHae, Henry, Zhou Mi, Onew, TOP] 12,055
DongHae, long overdue for a vacation, decided to get away from it all by taking a vacation to the human world. He makes a few new friends, reconnects with some old ones, and learns what being a death god is really about.

06: Respite
[Entire cast so far] 8,417
Sometimes, the heaviest consequences are the ones that nobody talks about. Sometimes, you just have to find the right person to talk to. And sometimes, there may be no such person at all.

07: Carousel
[JongHyun, TaeMin, Zhou Mi, Onew, JunSu +others] 12,170
JongHyun and TaeMin decide to visit home sweet home. Except that the opera house has been closed and hey, what's this weird thingy doing on the stage?

Interlude: Graduation Day!
[EunHyuk, DongHae, JunSu. Rain cameo] 3,784
This is the story of the day HyukJae and DongHae graduated from the Shinigami Academy. Set years before the current story arc.

08: Spotlight
[Almost the complete cast] 11,756
With the right plans and given enough time, one could take on the entire Soul Society.

09: Creeping Dusk
[Almost the complete cast] 11,306
A swarm can only be as brilliant as its queen. A society's brilliance relied on its people.

10: One Day More
[Almost the complete cast] 4,533
Another day, another destiny, this never ending road to calvary.

Survivability untitled
[Jonghyun, Onew, Minho]
The onset of Jinki's migraine could be heard even through the earpiece. "So you're... what, a transferee to the 6th?"

Survivability: Exaltations
[KPop characters] [Bleach universe]

01: Prologue:
[Henry, Jonghyun, Junho/Chansung] 3,018
The drums of war can be heard over the horizon. Henry and Jonghyun have left the city as willing pawns on a mission.

[Action and adventure. Canon background. Apocalypse AU.]
[2PM] [2PM] [Beast] [Kyujong] [Donghae, Henry] [Gain]

00: Prologue
An impending invasion, idols with superpowers, and a race against time. The story began with Junho and Kikwang.

01: Primacy
In which people are trying to get used to life after the end of the world.

02: Reveille
In which people are learning how to live together.

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