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Title: Survivability
Author: Verocity
Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Bleach (yes, you read that right)
Featuring: ChangMin, JaeJoong
Pairings: -none-
Rating: G
Warnings: Nothing explicit, a few swear words here and there
Genre: With a crossover like this, what else could it be but crack? And oh so very AU.
A/N: So yeah… This is perhaps proof of insanity. Dong Bang Shin Ki members in the Bleach universe.
Summary: Sometimes, a lieutenant’s job is just to survive.
Word Count: 1,416

“Unit Three, flank to the left; Unit One, to the right. Now!” ChangMin, his lieutenant’s badge lost since the beginning of the fight, ordered urgently to no particular audience; his Hell Butterfly was following him, matching speed with spiritual flight, and relayed his orders to the men scattered around him. He jumped from tree branch to tree branch, thankful for once that his legs gave him an advantage in stride. Behind him the pulsing signal of a Hollow was closing in. He didn’t think high-class Hollows came in such small forms – he was certain that this one broke record sizes.

He felt a sudden vibration in spiritual energy coming for him, and he sharply strafed left as soon as he had footing on another branch. Had he been a second too slow, a concentrated energy beam would have pierced right through his torso.

“Shit,” he muttered, breathing deeply as he kept his pace. Around him his squad’s spiritual signatures were scattering. A third of his forces pealed to the left while another third went in the other direction. “Three and One, hang back, cast your Splitting Voids at full incantation.”

A chorus of affirmations sounded from his Hell Butterfly. The Hollow was still hot on his trail, evidently confident that it could handle a Lieutenant in combat. ChangMin was pretty sure the Hollow was right.

ChangMin gathered his legs beneath him and absorbed his forward momentum as he landed on another branch. He wasn’t running to escape – that was beneath him. ChangMin was both bait and bomb at the same time, luring the enemy away from the civilian town near which it appeared before using all available means to destroy it. And ChangMin was a messy fighter: things get destroyed around him whenever he fights, which is why he had two of his units form a wall between him and the town, and the last one guarding the town itself.

He felt the vibrations of an energy blast coming from his left even though the Hollow was still coming from behind. A curved attack. Clever. ChangMin twisted around and jumped to intercept the Hollow’s path, and the curved attack obliterated the tree he was on… but he was safely out of range.

ChangMin was a kidou master, able to use demon arts at the level of a captain. He was one of the few Lieutenants capable of using high-class spells without their incantations. Many called him a prodigy of kidou, among them some of the Captains. Those same people also called him an idiot on zanjutsu, which is why he’s still stuck as a Lieutenant, and will probably remain stuck until further notice.

But that was neither here nor there. What mattered at this moment was this: ChangMin was one of the few people in Soul Society (Captains included) who could use the Way of Destruction #88 without the incantation.

Which he just did.

Gathering his spiritual energy at a single point, ChangMin released a Flying Dragon-Striking, Heaven-Shaking Thunder Canon at the incoming Hollow’s direction. The electric energy blast burned the trees in its path as it snaked its way through hyper-heated air. He noted a split second of disappointment as he felt a small burst of the Hollow’s own energy attack intercept his kidou, too weak to nullify the spell, but strong enough to take away the brunt.

ChangMin frowned and dropped downwards.

Have we mentioned that he can do the same attack twice in a row? Because he totally can.

Still airborne, ChangMin twisted his body and aimed both hands upwards where he calculated the enemy to pass. The spiritual explosion would have hidden his change in vector enough for the Hollow to think he was still going in the same direction.

ChangMin released his second attack, power in no way diminished compared to the first, as soon as the Hollow appeared above him. He had the element of surprise. The Hollow had a face-full of electric explosion.

The spell’s backlash pushed ChangMin down faster and he landed nimbly on both feet.

The Hollow’s spirit energy went soaring upwards, but unmistakably still intact albeit worse for wear. ChangMin cursed. He’d have to take it up a notch. He darted left to avoid a black energy blast as it hit the exact spot he was crouched on.

Even kidou masters like him weren’t exempt from the limitations of the discipline: he knew his spells would be only at a third of their potency without the incantations, but that was the price to pay for using instantaneous attacks. Clearly he had to buy time for a full-powered spell. Which meant the use of binding.

ChangMin smirked, refusing to acknowledge the creeping exhaustion. His attack would have blasted the Hollow high enough for it to still be airborne. Way of Binding #26: Curved Light allowed him to hide his presence completely.

Concealed, ChangMin used his limited shunpo ability to propel himself upwards, just high enough to break the canopy and see where the target was. Merely sensing spirit signatures was so limiting at times.

There. Falling a few meters east of him.

Kido masters trained not only casting without the incantations; they were also able to speak so quickly that they can cover a verse per second.

Carriage of Thunder, Bridge of a spinning wheel,
With light, divide this into six!

Before the enemy could even sense where the attack came from, it was hit with a full-powered Way of Binding #61: Six Rods Prison of Light, the most efficient kidou for immobilizing an agile target in three dimensions.

ChangMin charged closer as he chanted for one of the most difficult destruction spells known: Black Coffin. Horribly damaging when fully powered, but only useable up close. He had no problems with that – his enemy was bound.

Only, as it turns out, not.

ChangMin was about five meters away from the Hollow when it blasted itself with its own energy attack, and in the process disrupted the binding spell acting on it. Freed, it turned in mid-air and pointed a finger at the charging shinigami.

Crap, ChangMin thought as time slowed down when he registered what was happening. He let go of the Black Coffin and used the microsecond he had to cast his own Splitting Void, the most powerful defensive spell he knew.

Without the chant and calling out the name, the spirit wall he summoned was far too brittle to fully protect him. But it was enough to take away the attack’s killing edge. The Hollow’s energy blast broke right through ChangMin’s wall and blasted him back… but failed to kill him. His Hell Butterfly wasn't quite as protected and was shredded by the shockwave.

It still hurt, though. Hurt like hell. It didn’t help that he crashed through a tree before hitting the ground at very high velocity.

Noting that the pain meant he was still alive but too dazed to even curse, ChangMin pushed himself up from his crater, arm muscles screaming in pain. He could sense the enemy coming closer for a finishing blow, but slowly, wary of any more tricks. Maybe just enough time for a ChangMin to give it what it was expecting. He knew a few good binding combinations that could hit from everywhere at once…

Suddenly, the very air around him rippled and ChangMin was sent crashing back to the earth when overwhelming spiritual pressure slammed into him. A familiar spiritual pressure. A welcome one that seemingly erupted from just beside him.

“Stand down, Lieutenant,” the pressure’s owner said in a light voice. “You’ve done enough.”

JaeJoong flash-stepped to the edge of the crater, his captain’s haori falling elegantly around him. He faced the oncoming Hollow with a hand on the hilt of his sword.

The Hollow didn’t recognize him specifically, but it did note the white coat, the confident pose, and the formidable sword, and knew what they meant. And it noted its injuries. It tried to aim another energy attack, but then noted that the Captain was suddenly beside him with his sword drawn.

Back in the crater, ChangMin resumed trying to stand up as he heard his captain call his Soul Cutter’s name. He felt a spirit signal vanish, and he smiled. Soon he would be back at headquarters with his wounds being tended to while eating the Captain’s cooking.

That was always a treat. And perhaps reason enough to delay striving for a promotion.

A few healing spells might help, though. Ouch.

[Continue to Chapter 2]

Tags: 02 fandom: bleach, 02 fandom: dong bang shin ki, 03 universe: survivability, changmin*dbsk, jaejoong
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