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Title: Aleph: Prologue
Author: verocity
Fandom: 2PM / Beast
Featuring: Junho and Kikwang. Background: Yoseob, Hyunseung, Nichkhun.
Rating: G
Genre: Action and Adventure. Canon/AU mix.
Summary: An impending invasion, idols with superpowers, and a race against time. The story began with Junho and Kikwang.
Word Count: around 1,700~


"Your dinner's getting cold."

Junho glanced at Nichkhun, who was looking at him questioningly.

"I'd be more concerned about Chansung stealing his food instead," Wooyoung cut in with half a lettuce leaf poking out of his mouth.


"I didn't say it was a bad thing," Wooyoung clarified. "At least the food wouldn't go to waste." Chansung shrugged at that, appeased.

Junho smiled at Nichkhun and went back to eating, but each thoughtful chew clearly said he wasn't altogether present. He put eating on automatic; Nichkhun had enough on his mind and Junho didn't want to be a bother. Besides, it wasn't like he was starving himself. He was just... preoccupied. He had a right to be distracted every once in a while, and better now at home instead of earlier during rehearsals. Thanks for small blessings that Junsu had a meet-up with his non-celebrity friends and Taecyeon called it an early night in anticipation of an early schedule tomorrow.

Now was the best time to worry about things. Some things just couldn't be avoided.

Junho had always been able to see further and more clearly than anyone else, an aptitude he hid almost completely. Sometimes what he saw wasn't always very clear, but he filed that away as caused by lack of practice. Besides, it wasn't like he could save the world with his little tricks. What good could sight from far away do? What good could be achieved by knowing what was happing behind him? It was a small thing, he knew.

But small things were the beginnings of courage.

Was it courageous to keep everything a secret, to pretend everything was normal for the sake of a peace he'd grown accustomed to? For the sake of his bandmates – now almost his family – not worrying about things they never thought were real? Even when he knew the world would change maybe as soon as tomorrow?

He didn't need to look up from his bowl of rice and tofu to know that Nichkhun was still watching him out of the corner of his eyes, that Wooyoung was rummaging in the fridge for a piece of chocolate he swore he still had left, that Chansung was trying not to look guilty, that Taecyeon was sleeping the motionless sleep of the thoroughly exhausted with his hands still on his laptop. And Junho knew that if he applied himself, he could find Junsu among the seething mass of humanity that was Seoul during a Friday night.

But he wouldn't do that.

Long ago, he chose to protect his members from knowing about what he could do. But there was one person who knew, someone who shared his secret long ago. Maybe he could have a quick peek...

And with a faint pang of guilt, he realized that Kikwang didn't choose to debilitate himself for the sake of normalcy.


"Pack your bags light, make sure you only have the essentials," Kikwang ordered as soon as slammed the apartment door closed. "We're leaving in a few minutes. I already sent a message to Doojoon, Junhyung and Dongwoon."

"We're going somewhere?" Yeoseob asked excitedly, the first tinges of color rising to his cheeks since he got the flu the day before. He ran to the bedroom without waiting for an answer. Trips were always good. Especially surprise ones. Especially if you were sick and the stress was getting to you.

The only other member who stayed at home wasn't as welcoming.

"Yet another hare-brained idea in the dead of night," Hyunseung muttered from the couch with his eyes glued to his comic book. "Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Lee Kikwang."

"Hyungseung, I'm serious!" Kikwang wheedled, completely undermining his own authority. "It'll be fun! We'll go somewhere and not plan anything and just enjoy whatever comes our way and have fun. Please don't tell me you're allergic to fun."

Hyunseung kept reading.

"Right," Kikwang said with a defeated sigh. "I suppose it's really not much of a surprise."

Yoseob emerged from the bedroom with a stuffed sports bag. "I have enough clothes for three days. We might have to share underwear. I wasn't exactly very critical when I was packing. What about food?"

"I have food."

"We're not going anywhere," Hyunseung said to the world at large. Or at least to the extent of the world that Kikwang hadn't pulled into his madness. That world was rapidly shrinking. "And Yoseobie, I always thought you were more sensible than this."

"I am," Yoseob told him with an impish grin. "But I've known Kikwang for years. And I know that he never orders anyone around. So if he does, it's for a good reason. Right, Kwangie?"

Kikwang nodded tersely. "Hyungseung-hyung, forgive me for violating your personal space once more." He cracked his knuckles and lifted a shrieking and flailing Hyunseung by the waist. He carried him out the door like a perverted display of married couple bliss with Yoseob trailing behind them.


Then, as in a few years before now.

"I saw what you did there," Junho told him backstage. The rest of 2PM were congratulating Beast on a successful performance, and the younger idols were wishing their seniors luck on their upcoming segment. They needed this exchange, but more for the recently debuted Beast.

Kikwang looked blankly at him. He'd been onstage. Everyone saw what he did there. They were supposed to see. "Umm. Thanks?"

Junho's eyes flicked and Kikwang followed the moment. Doojoon. But what about him?

The puzzlement must have shown on his expression. Junho leaned in and whispered, "He almost tripped. Good thing you were fast enough to push him back on balance."

Junho withdrew and headed for the wings with the rest of his members, leaving a stunned Kikwang thinking He knows over and over again.


Back to now.

From: Emperor Junho-hyung! (2PM)
Time: 10:34 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
I can't believe you're doing this.

From: Lee Kikwang
Time: 10:35 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
I have to. I'm sorry, hyung, but our promise doesn't extend to leaving my friends in danger. I've already arranged for my family's safety.

From: Emperor Junho-hyung! (2PM)
Time: 10:35 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
Damn it, Kikwang. We agreed not to change anything.

From: Lee Kikwang
Time: 10:37 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
I have to. I'm sorry, hyung, but our promise doesn't extend to leaving my friends in danger. I've already arranged for my family's safety.

From: Emperor Junho-hyung! (2PM)
Time: 10:38 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
Where are you going?

From: Lee Kikwang
Time: 10:38 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
Somewhere safe. You'll be able to find us. You can come if you want.

From: Emperor Junho-hyung! (2PM)
Time: 10:40 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
And your schedules? I worked hard for this life. I'm not going to throw it away.

From: Lee Kikwang
Time: 10:43 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
I'm not throwing my life and my friends away either. That's why I want keep them safe. Fuck our schedules.

From: Lee Kikwang
Time: 10:45 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
You can find us. We can keep everyone safe.

From: Emperor Junho-hyung! (2PM)
Time: 10:45 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
Not forever.

From: Lee Kikwang
Time: 10:46 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
For a while. Maybe for long enough to matter.

From: Emperor Junho-hyung! (2PM)
Time: 10:48 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
Apocalypse. It means the world's about to end. It won't matter in the long run.

From: Lee Kikwang
Time: 10:49 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
It matters to me. And they haven't won yet. I'll go down fighting. Even if it means running away for now.

From: Emperor Junho-hyung! (2PM)
Time: 10:50 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
Don't call me a coward.

From: Lee Kikwang
Time: 10:50 PM, xx/xx/xxxx
Then don't act like one, hyung.


Junho thrust his phone under his pillow when the bedroom door opened, outlining Nichkhun's silhouette against the hallway light. "Hyung. Come in."

Nichkhun nodded and sat on Junho's bed. "How are you, Junho?"

Junho fought down the guilt. "Hyung. I'm fine. Don't worry, I know I can tell you anything that bothers me."

"And you're not telling me what's bothering you now because...?"

Junho shrugged. There's going to be an invasion and we're all going to die, he wanted to say. "There's nothing you can do about it anyway," he said instead.

Nichkhun tousled Junho's hair, trying to transmit his comfort. "I can listen. It may not be a big thing, but at least it's something. Right?"

"Maybe it is," Junho muttered. He fought with himself for a moment, fought against the echoes of Kikwang's messages, fought against the memories of years of hiding something so crucial. But the game was changing. There was danger in the air. He and Kikwang had known for a while, and they agreed not to let it change anything. Except that Kikwang was apparently smarter than that. Braver than that. "What if I ask everyone to run away?" Junho said to his pillow, studiously avoiding Nichkhun's eyes. "We could live a different life somewhere else."

"But this is our life," Nichkhun answered. "This is what we have."

Nichkhun had always been a realist. True, he had a tendency to fixate on the past, but he never traded it for what-should-be or what-could-have-been. It was a good sentiment, Junho decided. Except that Nichkhun had no idea how real things were going to be.

"I have to go somewhere," Junho said brusquely as he got to his feet. "Don't tell anyone. But pack some stuff while I'm gone. And be ready to run. Tonight. I'll text you where as soon as I can."


"The world's gonna change, Nichkhun-hyung. I have to be there when it does."


Then. A bit closer to now, but not by much. Just for a brief moment.

"We should keep this a secret," Kikwang proposed.

"Obviously," Junho agreed.

"Because everyone's going to think we're freaks! And people think I'm weird enough as it is," Kikwang added morosely.

"I've kept this secret for years, Kwang. I'm not gonna stop now."

"Agreed. We won't change anything."


Back to now.

It turned out that an imminent apocalypse changes everything.

The Auditors of Reality were swift and well-prepared. Few people had been able to escape and find safety. Not forever, but for long enough. Maybe even long enough to matter.

[- next -]

Author's Note: So. I really like reading and writing action/adventure fics. When I got into DBSK and Super Junior, I started the Survivability series. Now that I'm joining new fandoms, I decided to try a different universe for them. Something post-apocalyptic. Something... darker. I'm just testing the waters for now. Who knows? Survivability started from a short fic that exploded into something much longer :D

Also, this will be a multi-KPop-fandom thing. Expect other idols to make an appearance. Suggest away in the comments ;)

Tags: 02 fandom: 2pm, 02 fandom: beast, 03 universe: aleph, hyunseung, junho, kikwang, nichkhun, yeoseob
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