Mostly for Bahb

It doesn't take long for Jinyoung and Yugyeom to move in on their next assistance. After all, Jaebum very clearly said he was on the prohibited list, but not any of the other members, right? So what's a good nymph and incubus to do when a bandmate is so obviously having trouble dealing with innate sexual desires - aka: being a teenager?

"I... don't think that's a good idea," Youngjae says uncertainly.

This confuses Yugyeom, because he used his most Alluring voice and even Jaebum had barely been able to resist. This confuses Jinyoung, too, because he almost forgot that they were, in fact, trying to seduce Youngjae.

"But hyung," Yugyeom whines in that careful whining-but-I-want-to-ravage-you tone that only incubi can use. Jinyoung is very ready to strip at the drop of a hat. The hat, in fact, is part of his attire for the day and he dropped in hours ago.

"Jalla says it's a bad idea," Youngjae continues.

"Jalla?" Jinyoung asks. They never pegged Youngjae to be the type for imaginary friends.

"He's my friend," Youngjae tells them like he's letting them in on a secret. "Not sure if you can see him... no? Alright. Jalla says I shouldn't sleep with you."

Yugyeom feels a breath on the back of his neck. Probably Jinyoung, who really can't keep his hands off him. "That really doesn't explain anything, hyung-"

"-oh god if you keep using that voice can we just fuck here and now-"

Youngjae scratches the tip of his nose. Yugyeom can't shake off the feeling that Youngjae's looking at something over his shoulder. "Jalla's a horse. I met him when I was a kid. I was camping with my classmates and they led me deep into the woods to ra- to fu- to. Uh. Play with me. Jalla found me and led me back to the campsite."

There seems to be a hole in the details of Youngjae's story. Yugyeom's instincts are telling him that those details are important. "And what happened to your friends?"

Youngjae shrugs. "He gave them a ride on his back. All of three of them. Jalla's a great big horse, he can carry three people at once. And he rode off with them into the lake. Jalla can breathe underwater, you see? He said whenever someone tries to play with me like that, I can ask him to help me so he can take them out for a ride."

It takes exactly one instant for Yugyeom to realize that the breath on the back of his neck smells distinctly musky. Horselike. "Um."

"I think," Jinyoung says carefully, "that we should leave Youngjae alone."

Yugyeom agrees, nods, bows to Youngjae and apologizes for taking his time.

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Escape Velocity

Title: Escape Velocity
Team: AU
Rating: G
Fandom: Got7, Ikon
Pairing: Gen, mentions of past JB/JR
Summary: Getting the chance to explore a new world means having to leave home behind. And that's exactly what Jaebum is looking for.
Author's Note: Thank you to my wonderful team for all the love and support ^^
Prompt Used: Ailee - Singing Got Better, supplementary prompts

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Quick Announcement

So the Philippines was very recently hit by a strong typhoon.

I am fortunate in that I'm safe, my family is safe, my friends are safe. However:
1) the typhoon caused a lot of property damage
2) I have colleagues we were not as lucky

I've been involved in a few clean-up efforts, both personal and organized.

Meaning what we have right now is a verocity who has very little free time and expendable energy on his hands. Meaning I haven't been able to write in the past couple of weeks.

I'll do my best to post the next chapter of Tacenda next week. Please stay tuned~